Hi, I'm ReLoop

A new solution to simplify the tuning process & always operate at optimum capacity

We believe Advance Process Control can be powerful, stable, and sustainable all at once.

Let's ReLoop your system !
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Aim for excellence

Never let your loops underperform !

ReLoop has one mission : the performance of your systems. It helps you maximize operational productivity, simplify maintenance & optimize energy consumption !

How it works

A solution to overcome each process situation

We analyze your system

You provide your PV and SP, and we determine what is the optimized output for your systems.

We install ReLoop for a try out

ReLoop includes multiple schemas ready to use - with included variables.

You evaluate the results

All while ensuring your systems keep running at optimized capacity, you can evaluate the benefits of ReLoop at your own pace !

Our values

How we do it is as important as what we do

We love to have a ReLook at how things are done. With passion. And with you.

Ready to ReOptimize your systems with us ?
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ReLoop is the fruit of curiosity, passion and enthousiasm. We love the automation industry & aim to contribute to its growth.

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There is nothing sadder than great potential wasted to underperformance.
Don't we all love when it works like a charm ?!

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Improvement is achieved by team work. We learn together, we evolve together. We believe in taking the first step !
Join us ?

The benefits

Optimization & interoperability

ReLoop is packed with a library of multiple schemes developed with EAE, and available for all UAO platforms.
The bonus ? UAO platforms can communicate with any automation systems !

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The reality

Loop tuning has room for improvement

50% of loops in the industry are poorly tuned.
37% of loops need to be re-adjusted once a year
To us, these figures mean one thing : wasted potential.

Is your system at its optimum ? If not, let's ReLook at it together !

Let's chat !
Let's ReCap !

Advance Process Control made easy

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Multiple schemes with included variables
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EAE developed solution for all UAO platforms
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Optimized stability for reduced energy waste
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A sustainable solution for you & the planet
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